July 20, 2007


Here some bachelors are preparing paratha (stuffed bread) with beer bottle. See and enjoy. If you really like and enjoy the video, just drop the comments. But I think, surely I can tell you that they are very perfect of making parathas more than ladies. I hope you can enjoy with background music too.

With this video, you can learn one thing is if you don't have chapathi rolling pin, you can use beer bottle to make parathas. Its true. Here is the witness. See and tell me, I am right or not? Enjoy viewers and friends, here is the video:


Kalai said...

Hi Jothi
This is kalai .The video was very funny and I enjoyed it .Thanks for collecting.

Srivalli said...

jyothi..its simply superb...never knew we can roll out with beer bottles...and on top of a cutting board...i guess necessity of the mother of invention....very nice...btw...the bachelors seems to be experienced..both in making paratha and cleaning vessels...


Elizabeth said...

Watching that made me hungry. :)

Jyothi said...

@Hi Kalai! how r u dear? Thanks for your lovely words. Keep on visiting.

@Hi Sri, how r u? even I will accept with you. Thanks for your wonderful words and keep on coming.

@Hi Elizabeth, after seeing this video, who can't feel hungry that too bachelor's parathas. Yummy...right? Thanks for dropping by.

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